Love Your Kaos is a life brand created to recognize, accept, and celebrate gratitude for the chaos that exists in our day-to-day lives. My Life Chaos Story goes somewhat like this: I am a Mom of 3 boys. I am a Mom of 3 dogs and 2 guinea pigs. I am a Wife. I am a Step-daughter, Daughter-in-law, Sister, Sister-in-law, Aunt, and Niece. I am a Friend. I am a Sponsee. I am an Employee. And… I am a Business Owner. I also am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. I have a full time job that makes me smile every day.  I love to workout every chance I get. I enjoy to watch TV when I have the chance. I love to boat and explore our rivers and beaches. I love to read magazines and girly beach novels. I love to host a party and will find an excuse to do so. I love to shop. Every day in my life is full and therefore, my life always has chaos. At the end of the day, good or bad, I can always find gratitude within my chaos: I own MY KAOS (ka-os.) This has not always been the case. I struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction until I was 32 years old. As a result, I temporarily lost my husband, my 4 year old son, my friends, my family, and my job. Reaching rock bottom enabled me to take drastic action to change my way of thinking and my lifestyle. Without this life experience I would not be the person I am today and live the full life that I now have every day. Today, I try to remind myself to say “I get to” instead of “I have to” every day in my life.Chaos (ka–os) is everywhere. Yours is yours alone. Conquer it. Be grateful for it. Embrace it. Love it.

So ask yourself… what do you “get” to do today?